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Performance:When Agnes found Asun

Photo Kino Requena

Hi Agnes:

This is my little place opened in 2009.Bienvenida. Despite his youth, I'm getting into work today, so how old works, from when there were no digital cameras.

In this mometo, I present my project open performance "Transit", which I will expand during the next year. I also include a performance of 1995.
Welcome to you and Atout the world who wants to participate and communicate.



   Life is a path and from this idea arises this series, turning mainly around two basic ideas: portrait and transition. If we search for a definition of it in the “Real Academia de la Lengua”, we probably find many different ones: banal, mystic, explanatory… However, I personally think that the best option is the one that delimits the movement from one place to another, from a starting point to another “relatively” final point.

  There is a huge difference depending on the way you look at it: you can do if from the perspective of science of on the contrary, we can think that life is not so closed and we question the beginning or the end and we ask ourselves; is that the real starting point or is it one more among others? Is the beginning the end or vice versa? What is the main beginning or the most important end? Does the last beginning of the last final exist?

   For all  , “Transito” tries to present us this main idea, from the portrait, working for so many creators and so many formulas, but without any doubt and as we can check, there are many artists that have marked my job: Sophie Calle, Sidney Sherman, Esther Ferrer, Mark Pepper, etc. Their paintings have also become an important aspect of my life and their History, and probably most of them will transfer you to the Renaissance or even the Baroque because of their light and composition.


  The idea of “Transito” is going to celebrate its 4th birthday. As in my last project exhibited last year in “Centro Huarte” called “Via Crucis”, I usually work with an idea until this is exhausted, or until I have to change it due to a vital need, because art is form me a vital need.

  “Transition” was already an ephemeral aspect in “La casa de Dulcinea” in Toboso and it was also in a triptych in “ Certamen de Arte Nacional, Arte Joven Latina 2008”, which was selected in Madrid. Moreover, we will be able to find a small portion of it in “Feria de Arco 2010” as part of “La Lata 14”, an art’s magazine that includes works of different artists. The edition is limited and I have made “210 llaveros portaalmas para el Transito” for this special occasion.


Title: Land in Transit
Artist: Asun Requena

Photo Kino Requena

   During this year and next I will make a series of performance, working with the same concept, Transit, and inspired by masterpieces of art have also tried the concept before. These videos and photographs will be hanging on my blog, www.asunrequenatransito.blogspot.com and reflections. For now I command performance, Earth Transit, based on the painting by Diego Velazquez, "The

Like her, the woman with the distaff, thread time with perishable materials, straw, I do with my special spinning wheel, sewing machine from my mother.


Photo Gotzone Martínez

Title "Flee Bardena Real"
Artist: Asun Requena

Photo Gotzone Martínez

  Performance held in the natural park of Navarre, Spain, called "Bardenas" and how Americans rented range of aircraft. The performance symbolizes the cry of the earth by the wounds of war, symbolized by a woman, dressed in a suit made ​​of sheets of Coca Cola, one of the symbols of that country. As if it were a giant, wake it up and runs away from there, taking off his clothes, and shaking soldiers and weapons.

Photo: Gotzone Martínez



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